The conference

poster APEG FINAL copyThe Portuguese Association for German Studies invites to the participation in the conference Nationalismus. Europe in its Labyrinth whose aim is to consider the concept of Nationalismus in the European context, both in view of the current rise of nationalism in public life and political discourse, and in its historical origins in relation to the founding of nations. In particular the conference seeks to address the role of language, literature and film as seismographs for social shifts and political change and to discuss the influence of nationalism in relevant areas of study – literary, linguistic and cultural studies – and, in turn, the contribution of these areas of study to the construction of nationalisms themselves: How did (German) nationalism shape national (German) philologies? And how did (German) national philologies contribute to the affirmation and development of (German) nationalism?


Contributions from diverse disciplinary fields are welcome for a joint discussion, among others, of the following topics:

  • ‘Nation’ as a European concept: history, development, varieties
  • Nationalism and Myth
  • Nationalismus in the German-speaking space
  • Deutsch and the linguistic origins of the German nation
  • Language as the basis of nation
  • Translating the nation
  • Nationalism and other constructions of collective identity
  • Cultural identity in Europe
  • Educating the Nation
  • Nation vs. Region
  • Marxism and nationalism: from the Internationale to globalization and back to the nation
  • Language, History, Law: Reframing the nation in the 21st Century?
  • Colonial Germany: exporting Nationalism
  • National humanities
  • Constructing and deconstructing Nationalism